Save Gemini ; Development of Conservation Land

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I don’t typically post personal, non-art-related, or controversial things on this website.

(If I do post along those lines, it goes on my other blog, Artwork & Play.)

But this issue is intrinsically linked to the art I create, and the wellspring of my heart;

the land & my beloved trails.

Follow my art for a length of time,

read the stories I send out in the newsletters and blog posts, and you’ll read about the trails.

Spirit of the Fox
Spirit of the Fox

You’ll hear about the springs.

You’ll see me fawn over fauna and go batty for botanicals.

A very large part of this land that is so very special to me and thousands of others is now in danger of being developed.

Scrub Jay
Scrub Jay

I’ll spare you the details in this post, mainly because it will get me all riled up again,

and because you can click this link

to hear an easy peasy abbreviated (3 min.) version of them in this radio segment.

I was briefly interviewed during our solidarity/protest trail walk, organized by  Mary Sue Scott,

at the Gemini Springs along with my husband.

Trust me, I definitely wasn’t intending to be interviewed,

I was dry mouthed and sound a little weird. That’s okay. It was important.

I was just pointing out my favorite oak hammock spot to someone with a really nice camera.

This person turned out to be a reporter for WMFE, a local NPR affiliate.

Hopefully the media coverage will raise public awareness about the conservation land being considered for development in the names of progress and economic growth.

I’m pretty sure the sandhill crane, eagle, bobcat, fox, gopher tortoise, and myriad of other creatures that call the 102 parcel home would agree that it needs to stop.

I know most you are far away from Volusia County, Florida,

but I’m imploring you to be vigilant on behalf of the wildlife in your area.

The lands in Volusia that are being considered for development were public conservation lands.

Local governments (and those on a larger scale!) are often concerned with economic growth and have little consideration for the long term impact of the environment and community as a whole.

Wherever you call home,

I am begging you to be like the sandhill crane.

Noble Guardians #2
Noble Guardians #2

Be a Noble Guardian.

Protect the nest and fight off the scary black bear even though he is bigger than you.

Make enough noise, spread your wings, and that guy will run!

(And that bear is totally proverbial, btw! I love bears, and don’t get me started on the ridiculous bear hunts here in Florida that were started precisely because of human encroachment upon habitat exactly like the proposed Gemini land development!)

Click this link to listen to the WMFE segment on the controversial Gemini land development.

Thanks for reading this.

Thanks for caring about the land and its creatures.

We have a voice.

Let’s use it for those that can’t speak for themselves in these issues.

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