It’s been a long, long time. A very strange couple of years, but there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel. I haven’t done any in-person shows, other than the Orlando Fringe Festival earlier this May, since 2019. Show cancelations and the Covid-19 numbers here in Florida have made doing fine art festivals sort of iffy for me for the time being. BUT- I do have the honor of participating in the Deland Indie Market at Artisan Alley this October 3rd!

I’m really excited to join the other independent artists and makers of Deland. I’ll bring out my hand pulled lino cut prints, watercolor reproductions, and maybe even a few masks and tarot bags sewed from the fabric I designed, don my mask, have hand sanitizer for everyone, and a very happy heart.

Visit the Indie Market on social media to learn more and get updates on events.