Rising Fawn

A lovely yearling and I had a few minutes just checking each other out on the trail, but the velcro from my armband scared her when I reached for my phone and she ran a bit. I’ve seen lots of deer in that same area, but this was the first time a single deer was so interested in me. I walked slowly and let her adjust her distance accordingly. When she did run off, she stayed close to the tree line and watched me. I didn’t see her family with her that day, hopefully they were just too timid to come out while she watched me.

The long lines of the legs are watercolor drips that I did not wipe away. I began to, but decided that these runs should stay.
This deer was unusual, so her portrait should be, as well.
I felt the drips almost worked as a reflection in the ‘water’, anyhow.
This is just one reason I love working with watercolor on Yupo paper. It really is a challenge to control the fluid paint on a non-porous surface, but when things like this happen and a new movement changes the direction of the composition, it is exciting yet completely natural. This medium is an exercise is surrender and flow. I truly love it.

If you would like to add the original Rising Fawn painting to your collection, contact the artist.