Slán abhaile; Crow Linocut

As we gear up once again for the madness that is election season, I am sharing the backstory of the inspiration for this crow linoleum print from 2020.

If you have even a brief look at my artwork, you’ll discern birds are preoccupation of mine. I am utterly fascinated by their behavior, symbolism and, of course, their beauty.

I have had some amazing interactions with the resident crows around my home. However, these corvid encounters were especially interesting the week between Halloween and Election (week) of 2020.
Their presence was a nice distraction amidst the chaos and anticipation.

Slán abhaile is the phrase the Irish say when someone is leaving to go home. It literally means “safe home/homeward”.

So to say farewell to the Departed, as well as a see ya later, out ya go to 2020, I created this hand pulled linoleum print. 

Click HERE to add a hand pulled Slan Abhaile print to your collection.

Choosing a  significant number for the edition seemed like the thing to do. Slan Abhaile, with black Cranfield ink on hosho paper measuring 9″ x 12″, is limited to 46 hand pulled numbered prints.

May you fly high and caw loudly, but your journeys and nest be peaceful.