While I specialize in portraiture and contemporary commissions for private collectors and business, I often experiment and combine new materials within my fine art body of work.

 The studio can turn into a lab of sorts, with many materials meshing together in a unique mixed media style.

Using nonporous printing plates to create monotypes and monoprints, I layer them with inks. Sometimes using block printing on the monotype, other times creating an image with tiny words, this paint/print/micrograph technique is something that entertains the restless art scientist in me. 

I refer to the unique plaster painting process I use as Sparsana. Sanskrit for touch, it expresses the intangible as tactile; employing mixed media and processes to explore color and surface texture combinations that echo an unseen spectrum of ethereal landscapes, figurative elements, and narrative. 

Calm In The Storm  8" x 10" Plaster & Acrylic
Calm In The Storm * in private collection