Atropos’ Belladonna ; the mystery and magic of nightshade

~The Story of “Belladonna” ~
Belladonna has a long and varied history throughout the millennia.

She is not just a “witchy” toxic herb. The nightshades have been found in various cultures for thousands of years as a weapon, medicine, and tool of magick.

The heart of many cultures’ most important decisions have long relied on women’s intuition and plant medicine.

Atropa Belladonna ; named after the Greek fate Atropos and her shears that snipped the thread of life. This potent plant contains poisonous alkaloids and is to be respected from a distance.

The nightshades have played hugely impactful roles in the development of the western world. Ancient people added nightshades to grain brewing practices and religious cult ritual consumption.

The erasure and of both in modern western culture is telling. Yet I have a deep knowing in my bones, a knowing that its reemergence is imminent and crucial to our healing.

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Atropos Belladonna
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I hope that her presence in your space will remind you of your own powers.

May you see your own strength, beauty, and (dangerous) powers to connect to the greater mysteries. As a result of that connection, we also see the brevity of our time here on the physical plane.

Seeing our fragile state allows us to be mindful of our thread and the impending cut.