Lit Up

Lit up

Lit Up
16″ x 16″
Plaster & Acrylic

Every Summer has a story.
This is the beginning of the transition between my “Atoadment” series and my summer series. I have long been enchanted by fireflies ( lightning bugs!) and the magic of summer nights.
Just like all of my plaster paintings, this piece has deep textures and a highly polished sheen and slight iridescence, giving it a glass or ceramic look.
The piece was created with plaster on masonite, and then painted with subtractive layers of acrylics.
The piece has gold and turquoise iridescence in the base layer that shines through, giving this piece depth and a true glow from within. I used multiple layers of vibrant, highly saturated color on this piece, and the color and iridescence cannot be captured with a camera which is why I have included several angles and texture details.
16″x 16″, Framed in a black, gallery profile wooden frame, this piece comes ready to hang on your wall.
Feel free to contact me regarding special commissions, international shipping, or reproduction requests.

Visit The Artistic Hand gallery in Oviedo, FL to purchase.