Flamingo II

 It may not be the solstice, but Memorial Day has come and gone,

so it’s officially summer in my book.

It’s time to wear lighter fabrics and colors to avoid baking in the tropical rays,

and no more midday runs or hikes for me. My workouts get moved to early morning and evening!

Summer laziness is a necessity in Florida.

Watercolor Flamingo II
Watercolor Flamingo II

Also- another flamingo has flown into my studio…

As the second pink bird of the Wild Florida series, Flamingo II

was painted in watercolor on cold press paper.

Do you enjoy these graceful creatures as much as I do?

You can order an archival reproduction of this painting to add a pop of subtle color to your home or office

by clicking below.

[button link=”http://d-renee-wilson.pixels.com/featured/watercolor-flamingo-ii-d-renee-wilson.html” text-input-id=”Clear” window=”yes”]Customize A Flamingo for Your Space [/button]

Art Prints

I’m going to work on my my Wild Florida series,

painting commissions, and do some special coloring page work for my Patreon Patrons.

What are your plans for the summer?

Let me know in the comments.

 Thanks for stopping by, and stayed tuned!


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