The Pelican

As a Floridian, I am lucky to see these impressive birds often. Yet I still stop and stare in awe each time a pelican fles over or dives into the sea.
Within the lore and woodcut illustrations of alchemy, the pelican stage is an important final step before the rubedo is complete and the philosopher’s stone can be attained. In individual and spiritual development terms, the pelican was chosen because from a distance it appears as though she is stabbing herself in the breast when feeding her young.
It is this illusion that bore the legend of pelicans, and why you often see pelican artwork in churches as Christian symbolism. Sacrifice of self, or the ego respectively, is a final step to realizing individuation.

The symbol in the background is that of the philosopher’s stone, with the exception of the encompassing circle, suggesting that the stages are almost complete and will come full circle into the phoenix very soon.

Whatever the pelican means to you, I hope this painting helps to bring that feeling into your space as a peaceful reminder.

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