Weeping Angel

Weeping Angel
11″ x 14″
Plaster & Acrylic on Canvas Panel

I have long been mesmerized by cemetery statues. I spent my art school years in Savannah and shot many rolls of film and many hours drawing in the Bonaventure and Colonial cemeteries. The weeping angels are also my favorite Doctor Who characters. My original mixed media plaster painting is a tribute to the elegant, sorrowful memorials and to the Whovian villains.
This original 11″x14″ painting was painstakingly carved into highly textured plaster before I added my signature layers of vibrant acrylic glazes. There is a polished sheen to this piece with a subtle iridescence, giving it a glass-like feel as the light hits the highly textured surface and changes the glowing colors.
*Original is in a private collection.
Hand signed metallic giclées are available by contacting the artist, or clicking here
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