Raven’s Eye

*In private collection.
8″x 10″
Plaster & Acrylic, $260
If you’ve browsed though my work or follow me on Facebook, you know I love painting animals, especially birds. I watch them every chance I get, and I’m always taken aback by the different looks they give me when they catch me spying. There is a brightness, intelligence, and discernment in those eyes.
The raven is one of my favorite birds. With Game of Thrones back on, ravens are flying all around my mind. Symbolizing thought, memory, and the other realm, I wanted to focus on the raven’s eye, the window into the mystery.
Just like all of my plaster paintings, this piece has deep textures and a highly polished sheen and slight iridescence, giving it a glass or ceramic look.
The piece was created with plaster on a canvas panel, and then painted with layers of acrylics. There is a slight gold iridescence in the base layer that shines through, giving this raven depth and a glow from within.
Framed in a black, wooden frame, this piece comes ready to hang on your wall or a small easel.