Kiss It

from the "Atoadment" series

A small toad met his demise at the unfortunate footfall of yours truly. As an animal lover, I was distraught. After shedding quite a few tears, I decided to dedicate an entire series to the little guy.
In recompense, I named this series “Atoadment”. I have created several pieces, and some have already hopped to new homes, where they hang in his immortalized image. This piece is the the second in the series and is titled “Kiss It”, which just like my painting, has several layers of meaning.
“Kiss It” was created like my other plaster paintings- I first lay down textures and then carve my drawing into the dried plaster. When it is ready, I apply several layers of transparent and iridescent acrylic glazes. It is finished with a high-gloss polymer varnish, giving it a glass or ceramic appearance. This process can take weeks to complete, but the finished piece is completely worth it. Many people describe my work as “jewel-like” and vibrant. In galleries and at exhibits it’s hard for most to keep their hands off of the paintings!
(Original in private collection.)
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